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The information on this website is information about the advisory services of Round Investments LLC, not an offer to buy or sell securities, or to open an account.

We are providing an opportunity for visitors to the website to enter their email to join a wait list of visitors who wish to receive further information as our advisory services get under way (the 'Wait List'). If you join our Wait List, you acknowledge and agree that joining the Wait List does not and will not make you our client (or a customer of any of our affiliates), obligate us to provide you any services, or create any other legal or regulatory duty on our part, other than the duty to exercise reasonable care to protect your email in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Communications by Round Investments LLC through its social media community are for educational and informational purposes and should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell securities. Links provided by Round Investments LLC to share via social media and email may include editable pre-populated messages that can be edited or deleted by visitors who are not obligated to send the pre-populated messages. Communications shared via social media or email are not intended to be testimonials or endorsements of Round Investments LLC or its affiliates. You agree to hold harmless Round Investments LLC and its affiliates by following Round Investments LLC, posting, or sharing via social media.

Please see the Terms of Use for more information. The information provided may have graphical depictions of the Round app, no account value or return shown should be relied upon, as they are simply graphical depictions of the design and layout of the Round app.

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